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Emergency calls for fire and EMS dialed within Licking County should be made to: 911

Use 911 for any medical emergency, auto accident, fire, or other occasion when you need a fire truck or ambulance to come to your location. Be prepared to stay on the line with a dispatcher as they gather information pertinent to the incident.

Emergency calls dialed from outside Licking County should be made to:
This enables your call to be routed to the proper dispatch station without delay.

Dialing 911 from an area outside of Licking County can potentially delay a response by emergency crews. Remember that if you are calling from a cell phone you need to let the dispatcher know that you need to be connected to the Licking County 911 dispatch center.

Non-Emergency calls should be made to the Monroe Township Fire Department Business Line

Office 740-967-2976
Fax 740-967-5334

Fire Chief:
Dudley H. Wright
Office 740-967-2976
Fax 740-967-5334

Mailing Address:
Monroe Township Fire Department
P.O. Box 567
Johnstown Ohio 43031-0567

Physical Address:
Monroe Township Fire Department
24 S. Oregon Street
Johnstown Ohio 43031-1200

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